Extended Level bundle Methods 
Below some supplementary results on the paper "Regularized optimization methods for convex MINLP problems".
  • Matlab sources and three mixed-binary stochastic problems: SLP-A, SLP-B and SLP-C are available here.
  • The Matlab file for generating problem instances of the considered convex MINLP with probability constraints is GenDataCCP.m. The blackbox for this problem is oracleCCP.m, which requires the Matlab implicit function mvncdf.
  • Supplementary results are available here.
Optimization with Copulae constraints 
This is a set of Matlab routines I jointly wrote with W. van Ackooij. Numerical results are presented in our joint work "Convexity and optimization with Copulae constraints". The package contains:
  • Matlab source for generating problem instances of the considered chance-constrained problems
  • 14 Archemedian copulae (as well as they gradients) were implemented 
  • 4 Solvers (being two supporting-hyperplane methods) are available
Click here to download the package.
Note: The provided oracle (black-box) solves a Conic programming problem through Gurobi. Solver 1 is supposed to work without  supplementary softwares